Well, this week the original faucet in our kitchen sink, decided that after twelve years of faithful service, it was time to spring a leak. I am certainly no handyman, but I think that fixing a leaky faucet by changing a washer or seating is within my skill set. Much to my chagrin, the faucet design precluded this as an option and after a frustrating few hours, I decided to call a professional. The first plumbing service I contacted could not schedule a service call for at least 10 days, and having a faucet that was leaking copiously for that amount of time, was out of the question. I called Craig plumbing and they scheduled a plumber to shoot over and give us an estimate two days later. Man, what a boon! Eric took a look and told me that the faucet required replacement and that I could call the manufacturer and wait for a warranty replacement, have his company provide a replacement, or I could go buy the new faucet and have him install it two days later. Never before have I had a plumber offer me alternatives to their purchase and markup for new equipment and that totally floored me. Today, Eric came and installed the faucet I purchased in much less than the scheduled two hours. He left our kitchen clean, the cabinet under the sink dry and the new faucet working without issue. Eric was courteous, respectful, and professional at all times. If his behavior is indicative of the company culture, I would recommend Craig Plumbing to anyone, without a seconds hesitation. They were honest, fair, and did the job quickly and professionally.

– Don T.